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Crawlspace - Bella Vista, AR

This customer reached out to us with concerns about standing water in their crawlspace. They were worried about their well being, knowing that standing water could cause mold and potential health concerns. Our inspector recommended that we install a sump pump and encapsulate the crawlspace to turn the space into a clean and dry area. Our team also installed six smart jacks throughout the crawlspace to stabilize the floor system. This family no longer has to worry about their crawl space affecting their quality of life. 

Sagging Floors in a Dirt Crawl Space Turned into a Moisture Proof Crawl Space

This home near Fort Smith had a dry crawl space system put in to help with moisture that caused their floors to sag.  The Smart Jacks systems were designed to help lift the home back to its orignal position. The Floor Joists were so soft they had to be repaired and sistsered to properly hold the weight of the home.  The moisture problem was going on for several years before the Homeowner knew what was occuring. 

Piering and PolyLevel - Fort Smith, AR

The Corner of this porch in Fort Smith, Arkansas had sunk and separated away from the bottom of the outside wall. The separation pulled the brick away and created a large gap. Our PolyLevel system was injected and lifted the slab so that it was level and the gap was closed.

Crawl Space Moisture Problems Solved in Fort Smith, AR

This century old home in Fort Smith was doing great until all of the mechanical items started bringing this up to todays energy standards.  The last thing to deal with was the vented dirt crawl space that was causing musty odors and cold floors under the home. 

Crawl Space Access Door

Sometimes the largest reason for cold floors in your home is the doors and vents allowing cold air to slowly creep in and raise your energy bills.  Not to mention a vented dirt crawl space causes cold floors and problems with air quality. 

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